About Us

Adipoli India Pvt Limited through www.adipoli.co.in provide you the experience of a hazzle free virtual market space to explore wide range of electronic products and recharge services. One of the trendiest online shopping site that has come up with the unique concept of “Tech Assisted Delivery”. Your friendly Adipoli Technician will deliver you the product and assist you to with some of the basic installation activities on request.

Shopping online at adipoli.co.in is hassle free. All you need is a smart phone or laptop or tablet with Internet connection to get started. From laptop or personal computer just log into adipoli.co.in or install Adipoli App on your smartphone and then start browsing through the wide assortment of products across categories. Once you have narrowed down your favourite products, simply place the order by filling in the details; and going through the payment process ;the products will be delivered to you.

What more, get timely notifications on your phone or tablet so that you do not miss amazing deals and offers. Download the app right now and experience how fun and easy it is to shop and get vital information on your mobile!